Nebbiolo Wines of the Piemonte Region

Nebbiolo Wines of the Piemonte Region The Nebbiolo is a lovely black-skinned grape grown in the Piemonte region of North-Western Italy. The name itself is taken from the Italian word for fog; nebbia, which blankets the foothills in October when the grape is harvested. Nebbiolo grapes are essential to Piemonte DOCG wines; among them the […]

Valentine’s day in Italy

Valentine’s day in Italy Valentine’s Day in Italy is commonly known as a lover’s holiday, and is a day when couples attempt to be a little more romantic than usual. The holiday has a rich history in Italy, and is often a time when many Italians think about the famous love story of Romeo and […]

A Taste of Italian Christmas

A Taste of Italian Christmas Mulled Wine/Vin Brule This is one of the most common drinks to be sipped at Christmas is Mulled Wine. It is lovely and warming.  Since medieval times, good old Mulled Wine has been the drink to warm up the body at winter time. In Italy, this drink is also known […]

Christmas in Piemonte, Italy

All across the north of Italy from the Aosta Valley to Piedmont to the South Tirol, a multicultural blend of holiday celebrations will evolve. The holiday season stretches from Advent in late November, to Christmas, to saluting the New Year, and culminates on the La Befana, January 6, 2014. Glittering lights, colorful lights and solemn […]


We welcome you to Villa Bergolo which nestles in La Langhe hills. La Langhe hills are famous for its wines, gourmet foods and hazelnut plantations. Bergolo is a village in Piedmont, in the province of Cuneo, it is one of the smallest medieval in the whole of Italy. The Langhe is a well keep secret […]

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