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Things to do in Northern Italy

Top 10 Things to do in Northern Italy One of the most visited countries in the world, Italy is probably the most beautiful, culturally-rich and interesting places on Earth. There are many places where people choose to spend their annual vacation – Rome, Milan, Sardinia or Tuscany, these are the regions of Italy that are […]

Three ways in which Villa Bergolo can help with you Fitness goals

Three ways in which Villa Bergolo can help with your fitness goals  Let’s face it, health and fitness, although they should both be prioritized by us, generally speaking that’s unfortunately not the case with most people, which is one of the reasons why worldwide obesity levels are at record breaking highs. Getting fit and healthy […]

Traveling tips in Piemonte

Traveling tips in Piemonte – Discover Beautiful Bergolo In Piemonte Italy There are so many places to go on a vacation that for some people, it can be almost impossible to choose. Of course, a few people will visit the same place every year, but most will try somewhere new. The question is, where to […]

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