Easter in Italia

Easter in Italia holiday is celebrated in a variety of ways throughout the world, with millions of individuals of all ages taking part in a myriad of colourful and fun community activities. Whether it is an Easter egg hunt, a celebration with family around a table of delicious food, or some long-practiced religious ritual or meditation that you partake in on that day, how we celebrate Easter varies between cultures and individuals. Whether you want to relax at a beautiful b and b italia, enjoy some down time with friends and family at a bed and breakfast in Italy, there is much to do during and around the holiday.
The Pasqua (Easter) Sunday is recognized in Italy as a national holiday, commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, as written in the Christian bible. A wide number of religious parades and celebrations are held in various towns and cities throughout Italy. Many feasts are had including a bevy of Easter pies, breads, and meats. This holiday is considered one of the most prestigious and religious events in the nation, rivalling Christmas in its cultural and religious importance.
Easter in Italia is on the Monday following Easter Sunday, known as Pasquetta or “Little Easter”, many go out with friends and family to enjoy picnics, or enjoy a meal together at a restaurant or friends home. Celebrating together over food, is a beloved tradition of Italians, as it is with many cultures around the world. Often during this time of year, many will take road trips or vacations in order to spend time with loved ones, friends and family. Spectators in Florence will also gather to witness the annual Scoppio del Carro, an old Easter celebration that ends in Mass, including a holy fire, and destruction of a cart in the square which will lead to a spectacular firework show. There will also be a variety of activities, including a series of religious solemn events like Easter Sunday mass, occurring at Vatican City and in a number of cities throughout Italy, there are many things to do that are family-oriented.
A wide number of religious services are held at every church on Easter morning, afterward families return home to a feast with their loved ones. Celebrations and traditions are specific to each town, you will find a wide range of different celebrations throughout the area.
Food for The Holiday
Vegetables that will be bountiful this season will be artichokes, asparagus, chard, spinach, lettuce, and others. So expect them to play a dominant role in many of the holiday’s dishes. Many will also be busy preparing Easter pies, using eggs, cheese, herbs, flour, and sometimes other specific ingredients. These pies are referred to as Torte Pasqualine, enjoyed by many on and around the Easter holiday. The main course of the meal during this holiday is most often roasted or grilled meat. One of the most popular choices of meat to go with for an Easter dinner is lamb for most. However, others may opt for some other roast or meat variety. Lamb chops are popular to make during the holiday, as well as lamb stews, boiled lamb, even polpettine (little meatballs) of ground lamb. Lamb is certainly a popular choice in the region. Some other popular recipes to make are stuffed artichokes, ricotta cheesecake, and iced lemon and olive cake. Breads are often decorated with Easter eggs, some with bright colours and icing, others mostly with various cheeses and salami.
This holiday is a time when many get together with friends and family, enjoy good meals, and spend time focusing on that which is most important in their lives. Whether you want to partake in some serious religious meditation or ceremony, enjoy some Hiking in Europe on a variety of walking vacations, or just have a casual Easter egg hunt with the family, there are surely an unlimited number of activities that you can find around Italy that will satisfy your needs. If you are in Italy, you will no doubt be surrounded by beautiful scenery, delicious food, and hopefully some very good company.

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  1. We were able to partake of the Easter celebrations in Italy when our girls were younger…..it was a memorable experience. Would love to go back, but with their school, it’s not do-able just yet. I highly recommend going to at least one of these celebrations if possible.

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