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Myself I had a business in England for 20 years running a laundry dry cleaning business. This was a hard slog & after 20 years I needed something more rewarding. My husband has been a car mechanic for the AA for the whole of his life & was tied of getting wet & cold, dealing with the general public. We needed a change, something we could do that made people happy, made us happy & earn a living.

On one of our trips to Italy, we stumble upon L’alta Langhe in the North of Italy & fell in love. We kept coming back to enjoy this part of the world. So what did we enjoy when we came you ask! The fine foods, wine & culture. Not forgetting the white Truffles from this area that famous chef, the rich and famous fly into Alba at the end of October and throughout November to buy only the best Truffles. We would re-charge our batteries and return back to England feeling loved, pampered & relaxed.

Whilst visiting Piedmont we’d go to the many of the villages and admire the history. Everywhere you’d go was dripping with amazing architecture. The weather is also 10c hotter than England & big plus for us. There are so many festival & parties to enjoy and all free to attend..

We then realized we wanted to show the world this part of Italy & also to be able to enjoy some of this life style ourselves. So we started to look for a farmhouse that we could afford and be able to renovate to a high standard.

We found a 100 year plus Old Italian Farmhouse and started renovating it whilst still working in England. But we found this incredibly hard as the builders would disappear and things never got done.  For example we had to wait nearly 2 years for the window frames to be made. So we knew it would be hard but we decided to sell my business and my husband to resign from his job. We worked out we had enough money to survive for 2 years at the most. But the cost of the builders and materials are so expensive in Italy, that we realized that we had to be more hands on. My husband has done most of the laboring and because of his eye to detail it has most probably taken us longer than it should.

Well we finished the house part of the farmhouse and we can now rent 3 double bedrooms that all have en-suite as bed & breakfast.

The part of the farmhouse that used to be the barn is what we want to make into a self-contained 3 bedroom apartment. My husband works on this part of the house when he has spare time.

This is an amazing place to Hike or walk, As the Swiss, German, Dutch & French already know, many come here for long weekends or their vacations as they can drive from their hometown.

Also people come to this part of Italy to cycle. The roads up the hills and mountains are perfect for them, to get fit or just for enjoyment. We get hard core cyclist that come to The Alta Langhe to train for the next tour of Italy.

Apart from the history, the activities you can do. This part of Italy has been given Italian wine region of Piedmont is added to UNESCO World Heritage List.

Also there is the slow food movement, the foods in this part of the world is outstanding, delicious. People drive from Switzerland just to come to Bergolo to eat & drink his fine wine in Albergo l’Bunet.

To mention a few Michelin star restaurants, we have Carlo from San Carlo, in Cortemilia. There is Maurilio at Treiso. The ugly ducklin, la Costa…

We are 1 hour from the beach of the Italian Riviera. But more than anything you can just sit around our pool & read a good book whilst you let your batteries re-charge and leave the City life behind you for a while.

The hardest thing to do, is to leave this part of paradise behind, well that’s what we have been told.


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