While staying in the historic Villa Bergolo guests have a wide range of activities they can enjoy. This area of Northern Italy is surrounded by natural beauty and is one of the most historic regions of the country. Not only is Villa Bergolo a beautiful and romantic bed & breakfast, it’s also centrally located to many places of interest.

Things to do and places to enjoy while staying at Villa Bergolo.

If hiking and walking are things that you enjoy doing you will be in luck because there are many close by attractions that can be reached by foot. One of the most scenic of all walks that visitors can experience is the walk up to the Castle of Cortemilia. The views from this historic castle are nothing less than breathetaking and you will be surrounded by lush forest like vegetation including hazelnut trees. The castle itself dates back to the Roman Age and is one of the oldest in the region. Visitors who come to this medieval castle often love to take pictures, so remember to bring your camera along.

A wine lover’s paradise, this region of Italy is known for its great selection of vino. A visit to Distilleria Castelli Giuseppe is definitely a great place to sample some of the areas best wines. So make sure to stop while you are in the area. Food is also one of the region’s best known commodities and there a many fine restaurants to try. Osteria Della Vittoria is one of the best restaurants in this historic village and they have really great traditional Italian food, including some of the best spaghetti in town. Another restaurant that is popular with tourists and locals alike is PIZZERIA LA TORRE. This pizzeria has been serving up pies for many years and people who come here often return for seconds.

So now that you know more about this wonderful area of northern Italy, why not come and experience all it has to offer? For a vacation of a lifetime, come to Cortemilia Italy and stay at the Villa Bergolo. You will never want to leave once you have arrived at the amazing destination.

The sign for Hikers to follow to Cortemilia Castle, Villa Bergolo

The sign for Hikers to follow to Cortemilia Castle

The Views from the top of Cortemilia's Castle. Villa Bergolo

The Views from the top of Cortemilia’s Castle.

Hikers & Walkers at Villa Bergolo

This is 1 of the parts of Cortimilia Castle that has survived

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