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Villa Bergolo

We are a romantic, beautiful holiday rental in Northern Italy – a great place to stay and relax!

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About Villa Bergolo

Welcome to Villa Bergolo your holiday in Blangera, a localita of the Bergolo Comune.

We have restored this – over 100 years old, traditional piemonte stone villa as a retreat for your enjoyment. The villa was the ‘farmhouse’ of a hazelnut plantation. It has spectacular views across the Bormida valley which forms part of the ‘Alta Langa’ (Upper Langhe), characterized by rolling hills, vineyards, and winding roads which deliver breathtaking scenery around every corner – famous for its medieval castles, wines, cheeses, gourmet foods, truffles… and Hazelnuts.

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We offer lovely bedrooms with generous sized en-suite. Our bed & breakfast come with breakfast to start your day right before you decided what to do with your day.

Villa Bergolo is surrounded by woods and Hazelnut groves. For guests who want to relax in nature, the Villa is big enough to wander around, explore the woodland, and absorb the tranquil atmosphere. You can spend the day in the surroundings of Villa Bergolo, relaxing, chilling out and stepping back in time. There are plenty of places around Villa Bergolo where by you can sit back and read a book or just take in the amazing views..This soft gentle area has a lot to offer.

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We invite you to spend your next holiday with us!

Explore the Local Town

If you ‘go into town’ you’ll find the natives are very personable and friendly as Laura did: Indeed, it’s hard not to feel part of the community. If you go here… you can find out much more, or, ‘Look around’ the tourist office.

The Medieval Village of Bergolo is 616 meters above sea level, it sit on the ridge with one side being the Uzzone Valley, the other side the Valbormida, Villa Bergolo lays on the Valbormida side around 400 metres above sea level..

On a clear day from Bergolo you can see the Alpine mountains.
Villa Bergolo is situated only a 5 minute drive outside the Medieval village of Bergolo with an outdoor swimming pool, a pizzeria, wine shop that sell a fine selection and a restaurant, through the summer months you will be able to go to one of the live musical concerts…

See what others are saying!

See what others are saying!

Griff Sutton
Griff Sutton
19:40 11 Aug 19
This place is fantastic and the owners are so helpful and sweet. You get a lovely bed, wifi that's perfectly passable... and a kitchen with everything you need to cook any food you could want to not that you need to as the owners directed us to any restaurant we wanted including a family one that was beyond good. I cannot stress enough that if you need to get away and you can drive (at least at moped) this is the place that screams Italy while you lounge next to a pool with a view over the valleys more
Олександр Волошин
Олександр Волошин
09:02 05 Jun 18
Very nice place
Sonya Voloshyna
Sonya Voloshyna
18:20 18 May 18
Great quite place!
Driller TVU-07
Driller TVU-07
19:06 23 Mar 17
Awesome villa would highly recommend with great a pool spectacular views
Deana Battams
Deana Battams
19:22 05 Dec 16
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